Saint-Tropez & Port Grimaud

Discover by boat Port Grimaud (May to September), charming lake city, and Saint-Tropez, mythical village that attracts international jet-set since the 1920s. Free time for lunch in the picturesque village. Retoure in Nice by the seaside.

Saint Tropez & Port Grimaud

Departure  – 08.00 / Duration – 9 hours

Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday

Price – 125 €/pax


Saint-Tropez is the sun, the beaches, the sea … International tourist capital, become a myth, it enjoys a great success with the stars and jet set of the whole world. Saint-Tropez harmoniously combines traditions and modernity, luxury and pleasure. Saint-Tropez knew how to preserve its authentic beauty, its rich and cultural heritage, responding with subtlety to the demands of its reputation. 

Port Grimaud

Welcome to Provençal Venice. Port Grimaud is a lake town located in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez and listed as a 20th century heritage. Small haven of peace, it is a small corner that is worth to be seen again when you are in the vicinity.